About Us

When it comes to professional construction services, we are confident and proud to assert that we are industry leaders and trend-setters.

What distinguishes us from others is our intent and energy to guarantee powerful and professional construction solutions in South Africa that meet all the expectations of our clients at an affordable price.

Having a beautiful home is possible with Bluke.

Irrespective, of what you might be searching for, we have the ability and boldness to bring your dream home to life.

Services We Offer

“We aim to give you peace of mind and leave you satisfied after a project.”

Company Principles

Bluke focus is on providing quality services to clients, skills upgrade for continuous innovation as well as unemployment alleviation particularly amongst disadvantaged communities.

The company is looking at empowering unemployed youth.

Plumbing Works

Bluke always looks to contribute positively in bridging the unemployment gap in South Africa through skills transfer processes.

One of the most ambitious medium in the long-term plans of the company is founding a Skills Training Centre concomitant with a bursary fund where previously disadvantaged yet academically deserving youth would be mentored and supported to reach their full economic potential.

Bluke shares the sentiment that South Africa needs to implement practical ways to make it easier for the unemployed to either create or and sustainable employment through Expanded Public Works Programme.